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The Critical part of transaction capturing and processing is to have a reliable system of transaction processing throughout the entire transaction life cycle.  The Payment switch system from Payolog is available worldwide to customers based internationally and provides banks, financial institutions and companies/organizations with the secure, reliable solution needed.

Payolog Switch Operations

  • The system is PA-DSS Certified
  • Certified for EMV Acquiring
  • Graphical User Interface making it easy to use
  • Enhanced UI Security Features
  • New Message Queue Manager Improves Performance
  • A Streamlined Configuration Process

Payolog Switch Operations Workstation

The system maintains all the data required to run the monitors and commands that are used by operators to run the system. ESP-Link™/FTS is provided with an Operations Workstation can be used by individuals with sufficient security clearance profiles to perform the tasks generally performed by network operators such as:

  • Monitor hosts and external networks
  • Monitor and manage connected devices such as ATMs, HSMs, etc.
  • Manage links to external hosts and networks
  • Monitoring the system log
  • Generate reports and perform routine maintenance such us reports and backups

CreatIng Modular solutIons, makIng It as easy as “Cut” and “Paste”