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Event & Membership Programs

Sports Card

Payolog Sports Card program Solution enables our clients to create a program for their end users to support their teams. It’s a matter of showing their loyalty to their team! Sports themed Card programs are a great way to support their favorite teams – and in some cases earn rewards just for using the card.

Cardholders will be able to redeem points for their tickets, memorabilia, and exclusive team experiences.

We all know happy customers bring usage and profit for the end user.

Fan Club

A fan club card program solution provides a solution for all types of fans you can imagine.

One of our Fan Club Card solution is based on to increase scores and earn Reward Points. By playing slots, video poker, and table games. Reward Points are easily redeemed for rewards throughout the location of the casinos, including food, merchandise, cash, rooms and more.

One of the advantages of this card program is that the table games players earn rewards based on playing, with benefits of adding Reward Points.

This is the Payolog advantage for the Fan Club cardholders


The Union card program allows the unions and representatives to create a card program solution for the union members.

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