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POS / mPOS Management solutions

Think about a secure, Reliable POS Merchant Management Solution

The Payolog POS Merchant Management Solution

  • It’s a secure, reliable and scalable platform
  • The merchant on boarding, activation and retention is made easy
  • Clearing, settlement and reporting
  • Integrated module for the management of chargebacks, disputes and collections
  • A Terminal based transaction management module
  • Module for the Management of discount and commissions

We all know that today’s consumers want a more convenient, fast and secure payment experience. As the solution providers of technology, we’re looking at high-tech solution that streamlines payment processing capabilities and covers all payment options whether it is plastic card-based payments or QR and NFC based payments.

The Payolog POS Management is powered on Payolog’s Platform COREdotME. It’s a fully integrated merchant and POS management solution designed to meet all end-to-end requirements of merchant acquirers, ranging from efficient merchant on-boarding and management to delivering insights.

Banks, merchant aggregators or third-party processors, the Payolog POS Management System allows you to efficiently manage your acquiring business and at the same time keeps operational costs under control offering high performance service both reliable and secure.

We all know that this means new revenues and satisfied customers for your business.

Key Benefits

  • Real time Transaction Monitoring
  • A complete comprehensive Structure Support
  • Complete Risk Management
  • Complete Merchant Management Solution
  • Connection to all major Payment brands
  • PA-DSS Certified Secure services
  • Real-time Transaction Management

“PAYOLOG: creatIng InnovatIve and unIque payment solutIons under one name.”

Frequently asked questions

“PAYOLOG: creatIng InnovatIve and unIque payment solutIons under one name.”

Reusable Components, the concept of reuse and avoids building code where a more cost-effective option exists. Significantly reduce development time and cost for integration, new developments, and functional enhancements.

High availability and scalability, business continuity, high-end transaction processing.

Latest technology usage eliminates dependencies and simplifies new enhancements.

Multi-institution, multi-currency, multi-card product, multi-language, multi-terminal, multi-payment media support from single point.


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