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Payolog Solutions

Acquiring Products and Solutions

  • ATM management Solution
  • Team management is made easy with detailed remote diagnostics it provides the snapshot of the network the problems and the cash status of the complete ATM network the pail of dashboard provides complete information and the reports are customizable which makes it very efficient.
  • optimal client convenience and service results from maximum ATM availability.
  • This means operational costs are significantly reduced through the flawless ATM monitoring and further perfected with other modules.
  • Optimal client convenience in-service results from a maximum ATM availability which means operational costs are significantly reduced it was a false ATM monitoring and further perfect with other modules.

To minimize the ATM downtimes Payolog has an effective case management system which enters the customers are served immediately it has a well-designed service ticket flow from the time the problem occurs until it is solved all tracked an updated automatically.

Key Features

  • Easy integration¬†
  • Payolog ATM migration made easy solution
  • EMV Kernel compliant
  • Currency multi institution multi language multi-vendor support
  • EMV support
  • File transfer support
  • certification support
  • Supports NDC, DDC, iso 8583 and custom messaging protocols


  • ATM status monitoring
  • E journal management
  • Remote management
  • Problem management
  • Transaction management
  • Cash management
  • Asset management
  • Reports and report generation