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Mobile Ticketing

Payolog Mobile Ticketing is a solution providing agencies the mobile technology that improves the rider experience, allowing commuters to plan, track, and pay for their trip in one simple, secure app.

It eliminates the need for costly hardware and gain deep insights into rider patterns with data analytics. Cities and Transit agencies can choose between visual inspection of rider’s tickets, or we can easily integrate with a variety of hardware partners.

Payolog Mobile Ticketing Solution Advantages

Payolog Mobile Ticketing Solution was designed to improve the efficiency regarding the transit cities/agencies, the relevant partners and patrons through its easy to plan and pay design.

The focus of this design offers the transit city/agency simplicity and automation.  It’s easy, convenient of provides better information for the patrons planning a trip, improved purchasing capabilities and efficiencies, and provides an automatic boarding page they can reach electronically.

For Transit Authorities

  • Sell tickets online
  • Monitor mobile tickets sales and usage
  • Provide real-time information about the trips
  • Reduce the costs of ticket offices and TVMs
  • Advertising
  • Improve passenger satisfaction

For Passengers 

Our hIgh end technologIcally loaded mobIle tIcketIng solution delIvers tIckets to your phone and elImInates paper and prIntIng.