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mCommerce Gateway

M-commerce Gateway

There is a new fact out there the global consumer spending through mobile apps is continuously on a rise. Many businesses believe that mobile commerce is simply having Ecommerce solutions but for mobile.

But Mcommerce needs to have a different strategy and will need its own experts.

We as Payolog we take pride in our successful track record for bringing the best of mobile commerce. We’ve developed a solution best for the end user.

We guarantee a great shopping experience for our end users.

Your need might be to build on top of your existing Ecommerce platform or if your requirement is to create a separate mobile commerce solution, we have the perfect team of developers with vast experience to deliver your need.

The Payolog team of developers can make use of open source as well as proprietary/private platforms to achieve the objective.

Payolog’s main focus is to create an effective mobile presence for your business, this is completely driven by the critical requirements of your customers – the end users.

With this in mind and the objective set we manage to boost your customer engagement.

What does this mean? In turn, supports us to activate sales for our clients and deliver high and increasing ROI.

Why choose Payolog for your mCommerce Application Development?

Payolog’s Technology

We have experience and know the latest technology is mobile commerce development. With Payolog’s mCommerce developers be rest assured about the technological completeness of our client’s mobile commerce app.

Our Experienced Developer Team

Our developers have extensive experience in developing and delivering mCommerce development services.

Multi- Tailored Solutions

We target to understand the business and uniqueness of every business and offer customized mCommerce solutions.

COREdotME Platform

On the Payolog COREdotME platform we are able to develop mobile commerce applications that work across multiple platforms and devices. Keeping in mind the diversity of the smart phone marketplace, our expertise goes a long way in securing our clients’ satisfaction as a mCommerce solution provider.

Easy Integration

As Payolog we are able to integrate data with your existing Ecommerce store. Our objective is to offer a comprehensive, seamlessly integrated mCommerce solution.

We are true to ourselves, and commit to always perform our best.

Frequently asked questions

With the disciplined communication architecture for effective management of distributed software systems for reusability, adaptability and maintainability become easier.

Reusable Components, the concept of reuse and avoids building code where a more cost-effective option exists. Significantly reduce development time and cost for integration, new developments, and functional enhancements.

High availability and scalability, business continuity, high-end transaction processing.

Latest technology usage eliminates dependencies and simplifies new enhancements.

Multi-institution, multi-currency, multi-card product, multi-language, multi-terminal, multi-payment media support from single point.


COREdotME Business Services cover a wide range of products and solutions provided as a service to its customers.