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Loan Origination System & LMS son

Payolog’s P-LOS and P-LMS

Our Loan origination solution collects and evaluates all leads that come through to the system and puts them all in one place

Our Solution

Payolog has a leading loan origination system designed to increase reliability and reduce all the related technology costs.

Mobile Friendly – Our Consumer Lending system is a mobile responsive system allowing your customers to submit and access their loan application from any smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Applications all configurable – Applications are completely configurable – All fields are entirely customizable to fit your exact requirements. This solution is fully configurable and user-friendly, its wizard based also including customized hints, this solution allows your customer ease through the loan application process.

Payolog E-Signing Solution – Easy to use load your application and any documents into the system which allows your customers to complete a secure e-signature on any device.

Mobile Solution – This solution allows your customer to upload forms and required loan documents securely within the system. These documents are transferred to the APP where it could be further stored and reviewed.

Key Features

LOS application and evaluation procedures

  • All applications are collected in the P-LOS system.
  • Once the application is approved, all are transferred to and processed within the P-LMS.
  • Applications that have been rejected, placed on-hold or have not been sent, are all managed through the LOS.


The Payolog Benefit

Your system Your rules

The Payolog loan origination software solution applications add value to your business model and are tailored to the way you want to do your business

Updates made easy for any policy, rule or regulation

You will now be able to achieve a positive relationship between regulators, borrowers, investors and departments within your own organization

Payolog transparent lending environment. 

The Payolog loan origination system integrates easily with P-LOS and bank and credit union account processing platforms


Secure, standard interfaces with the best services. Examples are insurance, appraisals, tax, and credit bureau regulations.

We are true to ourselves, and commit to always performing at our best.

Frequently asked questions

With the disciplined communication architecture for effective management of distributed software systems for reusability, adaptability and maintainability become easier.

Reusable Components, the concept of reuse and avoids building code where a more cost-effective option exists. Significantly reduce development time and cost for integration, new developments, and functional enhancements.

High availability and scalability, business continuity, high-end transaction processing.

Latest technology usage eliminates dependencies and simplifies new enhancements.

Multi-institution, multi-currency, multi-card product, multi-language, multi-terminal, multi-payment media support from single point.


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