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CMS – Card Management System

The Payolog COREdotME card management system is a complete modularized financial payment system developed by our experienced group of engineers. This system allows banks FI’s and third-party processor’s offer custom made modular solutions for the processing of debit, credit, prepaid and bank cards.

Key Features

  • Credit, Debit and Prepaid cards
  • Business and private label cards
  • Ability to separation card and account
  • MasterCard and VISA Clearing processing
  • Settlement and Reconciliation modules
  • Integration to card embossing system and data preparation
  • Event and transaction-based pricing capabilities
  • Multi-client capability and multilingual access
  • Loyalty and rewards programs

Clearing & Settlement

  • Streamline back-office operations, from validation and delivery to merchant funding, billing and reporting
  • Enhance portfolio management and payment processing

The Payolog COREdotME solution looks into every transaction, monitoring all incoming files and applying accuracy checks regarding the data and content validity, interchange qualification and balancing errors and rejects.

The Clearing and Settlement management solution has been developed for banks, processing centers and clearing houses allowing the exchange of payments between financial institutions.

The system has been created based on a parametric/modular approach to allow to customize the processing platform according to the needs of your system.

It supports Visa and Mastercard clearing systems this solution also supports national clearing and settlements systems such as Interac, managing incoming and outgoing file processes, validation, fee calculation, consolidation and generating the required reports.

One of the most important features is that this solution can integrate into Multiple Financial Institutions.

Crypto Card

This solution has been created for banks, FI’s and for Crypto Currency Exchange companies that would like to issue a Crypto Card allowing your customers to transact with their crypto currencies

This product will allow your customers to convert their Crypto assets with their everyday purchases and buy goods and services with crypto currencies from their accounts.

With Payolog’s innovative product this is now possible you could not only purchase goods on-line, but you could also pay your everyday stuff – coffee, sandwiches, daily other low-ticket value items, your utilities or even a public transit ticket.

The Crypto Card is a multi-disciplinary product used in retail, transit, e-commerce, m-commerce, just like your Bank issued cards. The Crypto Card could be issued physical or digital. This solution will allow the Crypto Currency Exchange companies will be able to issue their OWN cards for their current customers within their database. Payolog provides API connections and enables its business partners to issue cards in a very short time, easily.

Payolog Crypto Card Solution is enriched with a flexible Loyalty Solution that helps customers enjoy cross loyalty usage experience by gathering points from many loyalty program participants. Merchants are able to create their own campaigns notify other merchants in the system and also cardholders. The customers can then apply for coupons, discounts and transact with these promotions.

This solution integrates with the Crypto Stock Exchange as well as the Card Management system, which supports most preferred Crypto currencies and each currency conveniently has an e-wallet. Advantageously, the balance in the wallet will always be the crypto currency being used.

This means transactions that are authorized are all converted from the local currency into the crypto currency that shall be debited. Payolog enables the participants to use these points in their own redemption network – this makes it possible to create their very own loyalty earning structure.

The user-friendly solution also has an app for your customers, which they could download directly from your website

Key Features

  • Spending summaries, transaction receipts, and instant notifications.
  • The Payolog COREdotME app makes it easy to manage your customers spend anywhere
  • This is the easiest way for your customers access their crypto currencies
  • Instant transactions and payments
  • Track your spending through the app
  • Easily choose which crypto you spend
  • World-class security to keep your crypto safe


We are true to ourselves, and commit to always performing at our best.

Frequently asked questions

With the disciplined communication architecture for effective management of distributed software systems for reusability, adaptability and maintainability become easier.

Reusable Components, the concept of reuse and avoids building code where a more cost-effective option exists. Significantly reduce development time and cost for integration, new developments, and functional enhancements.

High availability and scalability, business continuity, high-end transaction processing.

Latest technology usage eliminates dependencies and simplifies new enhancements.

Multi-institution, multi-currency, multi-card product, multi-language, multi-terminal, multi-payment media support from single point.


COREdotME Business Services cover a wide range of products and solutions provided as a service to its customers.