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Data Mining

Payolog’s Data mining solutions

We can cleanse your data and make it your most valuable business asset!

This solution module will help you Identify and Recognize your Best Customers

It’s a known fact that loyal customers seek for priority treatment from Loyalty program owners/retailer. It makes a great deal of sense when retailers build a loyalty program to identify their most loyal customers and make personalized decisions.

Investment in building loyalty makes sense when retailers can identify their most loyal customers, recognize them, and to even be able to do this in the most personalized means.

Retailers, banks, companies should data to identify and track who their best customers are, understand their shopping habits, values and lifestyle, and then find a way to appropriately and personally recognize them.

The use of DATA is endless – we need make use of it of course. It enables the retailer to recognize its best customers. This could be when the customer enters the store or at the POS.

Increase Retention, Reduce Attrition

The goal of loyalty programs is customer maintenance/retention. Keeping your customers i.e. retaining brings in stable revenue streams and most definitely reduces all the cost customer acquisition costs.

The Data mining process of customer information informs and supports your retention strategies, it actually creates valuable information for the marketing managers, which eventually influences the way they approach to the different types of buyers.

Data mining can also serve to identify at-risk customers. You will be able to understand if your customer is moving on to another loyalty program or store – based on the actions you are able to see. It’s all about the spending and usage patterns…

Targeted Product Recommendations

Nowadays it all about personalization- this is one of the most important ways to keep your customers engaged in your program.

Imagine Unique customer data points, e.g. purchase information, demographics, preferences and habits, when analyzed, these can create a picture of a shopper that makes it possible for retailers to offer well-targeted, personalized product recommendations.

We are able to combine real-time data with historical purchase data, loyalty program managers and leaders in retail analytics teams can create specific recommendations that are appropriate to each customer and in real time.

Customer Segmentation

We believe one of the mistakes the traditional loyalty programs make is generalizing a loyalty program the customer segments. The assumption is that each customer values the same promotional offers and rewards.

According to studies done on this topic we see that the segmented and know-your customer approach is very successful.

Payolog Loyalty solution provides you with the tools to segment by data analysis, which enables a retailer to offer relevant discounts and promotions to different consumer profiles and, at a the most minute level. It’s a one-to-one marketing solution.

Our system allows retailers to use a variety of data and methods for segmentation, such as transaction data, credit reports, member profiles and customer demographics. The analytics will also be able to track the movement of customers between segments as they are influenced by a loyalty program or provide insights into the behaviors of members versus non-members.

The retailer will be able to look at all the factors driving the retention of various customer groups to even determine how to drive the loyalty within each segment

Personalize Loyalty Rewards

We all know by now that a loyalty program where everyone receives the same benefits and rewards has long become outdated. Today, a company/retailer needs to determine which rewards are specific its customers and which ones they will value. In order to do so they will need to collect and analyze all the relevant data The Payolog Loyalty – DATA Mining solution allows this to happen.

The data such as customer-specific monetary transactions, shopping frequency, lifestyle choices, favorite products and survey responses will allow the business to analyze to create appropriate rewards around specific customer profiles, this will create the satisfaction that every customer feels appreciated.

The system allows you to identify the most profitable customers and reward them accordingly.


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