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Campaign Management

Payolog’s customizable campaign management solution adds incremental value and overall profitability to your Loyalty rewards program.

Our clients have used this very smart model to increase their ROI, including triggering automated campaigns to rearrange customers likely to blend and boost member engagement during the onboarding process to increase the customer lifetime value through the life of the program.

Campaigns, based on DATA

The Payolog COREdotME platform is based on a segmented system, extremely  flexible. This allows the campaigning process within the system to be very targeted and customizable in detail.

Personalized offers and Promotions Module

Within our platform, effective omni-channel personalization comes from Payolog’s customer loyalty scoring. The system factors in the calculated customer value and the frequency and spending Value, the activity history, the origination traffic, information of the profile, segments, redemption history and transaction data to send targeted relevant offers, at the right moment via the right channel.

On the spot - real time Offers

Our COREdotME platform offers on the spot decisioning to automate or activate right-time messaging. It connects to an omni-channel ecosystem (mobile app, website, POS, etc.) to personalize experiences based on profile, interactions, transactions and in-session behavior.

Our Loyalty Solution creates benefits for your business

  • Campaign planning made easy based on the need of your customers
  • Building campaigns or complex multi-stage campaign building
  • A wide range of communication channels for customer engagement
  • Personalised campaign automation resulting in better sales
  • Increase in customer satisfaction
  • Analysis of Real-time campaign performance
  • Capability of monitoring marketing budget and decrease costs regarding customer acquisition

The Payolog CampaIgn solutIon Is desIgned to help our clIents create successful campaIgns for their customers easIly.


“Easy to set priorities for the campaign management tool and customize according to your needs.”

“Campaign templates within the system make it easy to manage this module and use it at its best.”

“We’re able to design our campaigns easily and effectively knowing we don’t have to base our needs to pre-prepped campaigns.”

“Technology driven tools and solutions”


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