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Enhanced Fraud & Security

Payolog fraud prevention solution prevents fraud in issuing and acquiring transactions, supports online mode (pre-authorisation). Payolog Fraud Prevention will analyse the transaction before authorisation in real time mode. In case suspicious transaction is detected the system will block the transaction. Setup of rules for Fraud prevention enables the setting of rules through user interface without need to change the program code. The following functionalities can be specified:

  • Audit types – historical, decisional, aggregative and statistic
  • Audit based on statistic data (the arrangement of customer’s profile and the check-up of divergence between standard action and implemented transactions)
  • The support of white and blacklists
  • Resources to inquiry fraud actions
  • Standard data reporting

Challenge flow – authentication method which use the interaction with the Cardholder

The choice of authentication method (within the Payment authentication) is carried out by the components of the Issuer’s

domain based on the risk assessment of the operation (Risk-based authentication, RBA)

Non-Payment authentication* always uses frictionless authentication method

Non-Payment authentication means the verification not directly related to the payment of goods, work or services via the Internet. Such authentication is used to verify the card holder to ensure that the card account is suitable for future use;

Payolog EPG is configured to support 2 authentication scenarios:

Frictionless flow – authentication method performed without direct interaction with the Cardholder;

Simple or complex multi-stage campaign building made easy.