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COREdotMe V3.2 Platform

Payolog Announces Disruptive Transit Innovation on its COREdotMe V3.2 Platform

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A one of kind platform developed to merge the Payment Card Industry and Smart City solution in one Unified Framework... PAYOLOG just made this happen!

(Irvine, CA) Payolog today announced its ‘Disruptive Transit Innovation’. A new way for Transit Agencies to adapt all Payment Card Industry innovations easily.

This new one of a kind Transit System is integrated with Payments Industry solutions including various different management modules such as: EMV prepaid card, Campaign, Merchant, Crypto Currency, and Loyalty…

With Payolog’s innovative Platform, Transit Agencies can serve more Value-Added Services to riders and also increase their Revenues. Now Transit Agencies can merge their back-end systems with the Retail Sector to earn and Use Loyalty Points even for Transit Tickets. This system offers not just a Closed Loop System, but also offers an Integrated City Ticketing Platform (which contains Transit, Retail, Entertainment, Events etc.).
It’s a known fact that Banks have very high advertisement budgets to keep up with competition. With Payolog’s innovative transit platform, now banks and FI’s will have the opportunity to provide transit debit/credit cards for transit customers, without any advertisement costs!

“We’re very proud to announce our unique new version of the Disruptive Transit Innovation on the COREdotMe V 3.2 platform. I’m proud to say Payolog is a global Payment Card industry company with solutions for both transit and payments and have merged it all on a state-of-the-art platform. We believe that a solution that’s not a part of your daily life doesn’t have a chance to survive, let alone grow. We will definitely see a fusion of the Payment Card Industry and Smart City within the next couple of years – this is inevitable as it’s getting difficult to manage both technologies separately within the industry” said Murat Guzel, CEO of Payolog.

“COREdotMe works on a single Framework where all Payment Card Industry and Smart City modules can easily merge and separate. We’ve developed technologies not just on one side of the equation but for all sectors.” said Ilker Ulger, CTO of Payolog. “Transit Agencies and players of the Payment Card Industry don’t need to go through painful integration processes anymore, we provide all the required integration solutions in a single format covering all certifications necessary” he added.