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COREDotMe v3.2 Platform

Payolog Announces Crypto Currency Payment Card Solution on its COREDotMe v3.2 Platform

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Imagine a platform developed to manage your crypto currency deposits. This is now possible with PAYOLOG!

Imagine a platform developed to manage your crypto currency deposits. This is now possible with PAYOLOG!

(Irvine, CA) Payolog today announced its crypto-currency payment card solution, a one of a kind-solution, a new way for customers to benefit from the usage of cryptocurrencies.

Doesn’t it sound great to be able to convert your Crypto assets with your everyday purchases and buy goods and services with crypto currencies? With Payolog’s innovative product now you could not only purchase goods on-line, but you could also pay your everyday stuff – coffee, sandwiches, daily other low-ticket value items, your utilities or even a public transit ticket.

The Crypto Card is a multi-disciplinary product used in retail, transit, e-commerce, m-commerce, just like your Bank issued cards. Crypto Card may be physical or digital. With this solution, especially the Crypto Currency Exchange companies will now be able to issue their OWN cards for their current customers in their database. Payolog provides API connections and enables its business partners to issue cards in a very short time, easily.

Payolog Crypto Card Solution is enriched with a flexible Loyalty Solution that helps customers enjoy cross loyalty usage experience by gathering points from many loyalty program participants. Merchants are able to create their own campaigns notify other merchants in the system and also cardholders. The customers can then apply for coupons, discounts and transact with these promotions.

This solution integrates with the Crypto Stock Exchange as well as the Card Management system, which supports most preferred Crypto currencies and each currency conveniently has an e-wallet. Advantageously, the balance in the wallet will always be the crypto currency being used.

This means transactions that are authorized are all converted from the local currency into the crypto currency that shall be debited. Payolog enables the participants to use these points in their own redemption network – this makes it possible to create their very own loyalty earning structure.

“We’re very proud to say our crypto currency card solution system is unique and is nothing like the ones out there, it’s been bundled up with modules aiming to make it easy for the end user” said the Chairwoman of Payolog, Ayse Nil Sarigollu.

“We provide our customers with a solution and its platform. This system includes the Crypto Card management system, a well-managed clearing and settlement system, all necessary API’s, all e-wallet functionalities and the ability to add new products. Cardholders will be able to monitor their crypto currency balances and in equivalent real currencies, card transactions, other account details through the Mobile App developed by Payolog.” said Ilker Ulger, CTO of Payolog. “The Issuers in Crypto Solution are not neglected; they will be integrated online with the FX Systems for Live Rates, and the Internal OTC Module is integrated with the External OTC Systems for Cash In/Out transactions and Multi-balance Synchronizer works with the online data’s for conversion” he added.