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About Our Company

About Us

Payolog is a technology and solution provider in the payments system, aiming to be the best in this challenging industry. With its extensive and global experience in the payment systems Payolog has successfully developed its solutions with the best technology  tools available today and combine them in a unique framework .

For its solutions being hardware and database agnostic Payolog enables the customers choose and invest in the tools their IT has already been used to.

Nowadays no matter the age of all users are quite experienced and know what they want, this makes us even more aware that we can’t create “just another solution” and expect it to be accepted.

Being only technology driven wouldn’t be the way to go, we know we would need to know the market very well, have the right tools and most importantly have the experience i.e. know-how to be successful. This is where we come in, as Payolog, we’ve been implementing payment solutions all around the world and we also know how to apply the local requirements and integrate that bit into whatever we’re implementing.

Our goal is to become your solution partner for all your Payments Technology requirements

We work as a team with our clients and make sure everything technically and business wise is implemented perfectly. If it’s not working, we’ll listen and make necessary changes. We’re aware that success is based on how this is all managed and implemented; tying in your side of the equation and making sure it all works. Our goal is to become your solution partner for all your Payments Technology requirements.

The Payolog COREdotME Platform is a one of kind platform developed to merge the Payment Card Industry and Smart City products and solutions on one Unified Framework.

The Payolog COREdotME platform is where we keep all our products and Solutions. The Software/Product/Solution Licencing model allows our customers to install our solutions on to their own system and provide service to their customers.

However, our customers also have the choice of going with a cloud solution. As we believe you should be able to use these solutions on any and every level possible. So, based on the products and solutions they are all available on three main types of cloud computing solutions;

  • IaaS
  • PaaS
  • SaaS


Our Platform COREdotME

  • Credit/Debit Card Management System
  • Prepaid Card Management System
  • Loyalty Management System
  • Loan Origination System
  • Wallet Back Office
  • Switch / Integration Middleware
  • POS / Terminal Management
  • ATM & Driven Management
  • Electronic Invoice Payment and Presentment
  • Automated Fare Collection
  • Mobile Ticketing
  • Event Ticketing
  • Mobile City Platform

“PAYOLOG: creatIng InnovatIve and unIque payment solutIons under one name.”

The Payolog Difference

Looking for your perfect solution is a task – Especially when you have to contact a bunch of different companies for products within the same Industry – transit for one EMV for another – switch for one POS management for another. And this goes on…

PAYOLOG is convenience, being UpToDate, finding answers through products services or just a simple support.

We’ve gathered experts from different areas – and have completed the puzzle, and have become PAYOLOG

The Payments Industry requires to be UpToDate with new technology. We’re UpToDate with the Latest technology and thrive with this success

We believe we are a very strong start up with a very strong vision in place – to be able to carry most of the product line solutions needed within the Payments Industry. An address with everything you’re looking for! This is Unique

Creating Modular solutions, making it as easy as “Cut” and “Paste”